Ergo;ego have designed several high impact leadership courses for Heads of UN agencies from countries all over the world. In particular, they have managed to engage entire United Nations Country Teams... aiming to challenge and expand their approaches to leadership, communication and team work in the context of a highly complex UN operation and against the backdrop of the UN Development System Reform.

- Dr Simona Costanzo Sow

Since 2019 we are extremely proud to be working internationally with the United Nations on a high-profile series of leadership, management and team deliveries for UN Country Teams Worldwide. We are working closely with in-country leadership teams (e.g. Egypt, Jordan, Cabo Verde) and also with groups comprised of leaders from a range of United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) from around the world. The group sizes are typically 16-25.


We are bringing fresh ideas, energy and insight into both newly-designed and existing Courses. This includes collaboration and calibration with other UN external suppliers.


  • Reflections on Leadership
  • The Ergo; ego Communication Code
  • Communication Styles for Leaders and Managers
  • The Agile Leader (Keeping the Brain in Mind)
  • The Urge and Surge Network (Igniting motivation, curiosity and innovative thinking)
  • The Ergo; ego Status Model
  • The Social Brain : How to Build Trust and Transparency in the Tribe
  • Forum Theatre : live, highly interactive performance and facilitation of scenes reflecting real-life situations, issues and challenges
  • Agile and Collaborative Leadership, Growth Leadership
  • All carefully researched and skillfully delivered


‘We have delivered so far at the United Nations System Staff College in Bonn, Germany. Future deliveries could be again in Bonn or anywhere in the world for nominated UNCTs.

DESIGN AND DELIVERY of tailored Courses for these Leadership Team and UNCTs. 

The Courses support the UN’s stated aims for strengthened dialogue, collaborative learning and peer exchange. We also unpack and explore the UNCT’s leadership challenges, help drive collective change and stakeholder engagement. The Courses feature a selection of interactive inserts, including forum theatre.


We are building close working relationships within the UN and regularly reviewing and enhancing our design and deliveries to maximise both our impact and benefit for these UNCT groups. We are enjoying very positive responses and feedback.


Management Team Development
Agile Leadership and Organisation
Team Leadership
Project Management
Strategic Messaging

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