We have all met this person – the one that feels truly authentic, the one that communicates with vision and passion. The person that tells the compelling stories - creates connections, feelings and pictures that enriches their core message. The master of storytelling!

Were they born with these unique skills? Probably not – they learned and they trained, and so can you!


Ergo Ego offers programs with refined insights, skills, and techniques. We will ensure that you grow as a master communicator, a master storyteller. Industries, businesses and organizations are in rapid development, and the ability to motivate, influence, convince and show courage, to be trusted by colleagues and clients alike, is a critical success factor. We can teach you how to achieve and improve these skills. Words Work. Communication is king.


We do Tailor-Made sessions!

Contact us today to identify your needs and create a syllabus based on your needs.


However, the skills of a handful leaders are not enough. And far too many development programs are exciting when they happen but leave very little sustenance behind. We work differently. The models we use enables key personnel in your organization to become coaches, mentors, and resources for people around them. This way you’ll have the skills in-house to create communication that really delivers


We would be proud and excited to work with you, to help and support you. And we promise it will be the start of a focused exploration where we create something relevant, realistic, and valuable, with you - for your organization! Communication is king. Words work.

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