Deutsche Telekom's Europe Talks was a mind-blowing learning journey, where I was able to improve my communication skills and be part of an amazingly helpful & wonderful team at the same time! It was so lovely to see that even though we're working far-away, we have the same passion, helpfulness and professionalism within ourselves

- Peter Kormanyos, Brand Strategist Telekom HU | TEDxYouth Speaker

In 2019, with The Communication Code being the focal point, we developed and facilitated “Europe Talks” together with Deutsche Telekom, a high-impact, a blended solution and integrated learning journey (Europe-wide). A powerful blend of platforms – virtual, online, classroom and main stage. Ergo; ego played a central role in the design, development and delivery of this state-of-the-art blended solution, an exciting learning journey offered to 200 top leaders and managers. It is one of 5 high-profile, global concept elements in their learning and development journeys within DT Europe.

Two very successful “Europe Talks” programmes were run and completed in 2019. After the pilot, the upgraded second programme focussed on two interwoven learning journeys – a tier of carefully selected “CodeMasters” and a larger tier of “StoryMasters”. All participants came from within Deutsche Telekom. The CodeMasters were supported by Ergo; ego senior coaches and took the role of mentor and sparring partner for learning pods of StoryMasters. The focus for the StoryMasters was to develop and grow as storytellers, as influencers, as catalysts.

Rooted in the Growth Mindset – and a stark awareness of the seismic changes surging through the EU and European markets – we are helping the group raise their personal awareness that sustainable growth requires a change in attitude, mindset and way of working. Put another way : «Change of mindsets is not a one-off, it’s a long-term journey that should be nurtured». 

The two groups of 70+ active participants have enjoyed a 2-month multifaceted experience, with a “TedX-type” finale in Bonn. There, we worked intensively over two days of coaching, rehearsal and feedback with 15 “Finalists” as they refined and polished their personal stories. From there, the top five took to the big stage in Bonn in that superb “TedX-style” event, with a large live audience and live streaming to all DT European NatCos – a potential viewing audience of 40,000.

The whole experience created an incredible «buzz» and impact – for everyone involved. Powerful storytelling is a crucial ingredient.

The main objectives of this learning journey was to 


  • Stories have the power to move masses and enable a difference in the future.

  • Good stories spark and engage emotions and inspire action, address different generations and cultures.

  • Storytelling is a communication tool used to connect with one another.

Ergo; ego and the Deutsche Telekom “Europe Talks” core team worked closely together to create a vibrant blended learning journey, carefully staged and phased over 2+ months and featuring :

  • A big launch WebEx (complemented with a classroom launch for the pilot programme)

  • Working in close-knit learning groups (“pods”) each with a dedicated pod leader (mentor)

  • The pod leaders are the CodeMasters, the pod members are the StoryMasters

  • Regular pod  WebEx sessions

  •  A deep dive into the 6 stages of the Ergo; ego Communication Code 

  •  6 exclusive videos covering each of the 6 steps of the Ergo; ego Communication Code

  • Complementary “e-card” materials to enrich each of those 6 steps

  • A suite of a further 12 exclusive videos covering core skills and topics 

  •  Links to recommended Ted Talks, films and other learning materials

  • Weekly tasks and assignments

  • Regular peer-to-peer interactions – remote and face-to-face

  • Regular interactions with the pod leaders – remote and face-to-face

  • Use of an exclusive virtual platform for sharing, input, feedback

  • The evolution of a “Train the Trainer” insert to enhance the performance and impact of future pod leaders (CodeMasters)

  • Regular updates and reviews within the project faculty team

  • A “TedX-type” showcase finale event, where the top 5 storytellers share their powerful stories

The stories, impacts and outputs have been deeply impressive and very moving. The feedback is superb. The chemistry and connections created within the whole group is proving to be highly sustainable, deeply valued by all participants.

There are plans in hand to roll-out the “Europe Talks” blended learning experience to new audiences, both within Deutsche Telekom Europe and beyond.



Inspiring and Engaging Others

Change Leadership

Growth Mindset

Making a Difference

Working in Virtual Teams

Peer Coaching

Train the Trainer


” Our whole life is like a mountain with both well-marked trails and unknown unmarked trails. Fear for the unknown steep foggy paths should never win! Next time you find yourself in the middle of a crossroad, take a leap of faith! I feel nothing less than gratitude for my EuropeTalks path! A trail full of insights and deep knowledge about storytelling and communication skills by our experts Saul Cambridge and Hanne Lindbæk and with the great support and guidance of my code master Michalis Papakyriakou from OTE Group of Companies (HTO)!” 

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