One 2 One Tailored Coaching for Executives or Senior Management Teams

In these unprecedented times of change, in so many commercial and technological dimensions, knowing how to work systematically with behavioural skills can make a huge difference to the strategic outcomes for any company or team.

With over 20 years of experience, the Ergo;ego team are experts at helping top leaders, Government ministers and people of public interest to maximize the potential they have as communicators. 

Our consultants bring strategic insight and deep business understanding, coupled with seasoned and effective skills in performance development. It all helps bring the individual executive to the highest possible performance level. Over the years we have created and shared thousands of hours of highly personalised coaching for a truly many faceted selection of leaders and influencers.  

This is what they learn: 

  • Strategic storytelling and the use of stories as a means of leading organisations to success

  • Comfort and flexibility in the spotlight

  • Building or repairing trust to promote teamwork and followership

  • Inspiring and engaging through change or adversity

  • Communicating strategic messages with clarity and impact

  • Relationship-building within a new leadership team

  • Coaching ahead of an important event or meeting (e.g. talking to the media, presenting to the board).

  • Capital Markets Day trainings 

  • Business English 

  • Speechwriting and rehearsal

Executive Coaching Methodology

We coach you specifically on your communicative challenges, and help you maximize your potential. 

Even the simplest of presentations provide an interesting gateway to our lives. What do I want to achieve? What are my preparation habits? My analysis strongpoints? How can I work on myself to perform at my peak when it’s vital for me? How do I actually treat feedback and debriefs?

With the Communication Code as a central tool, through investigating and interviewing, we create a blend of:

  • skills and theory sessions  

  • sparring conversations

  • practical trainings

  • observing of video footage

  • on – the – job learning, and debrief

We will seek to operate flexibly, as close to the person’s everyday life as possible, and be concrete and pragmatic in our approach to the learning and development opportunities.

Ergo;ego finds inspiration in the work of the Co-Active Trainers Institute, (formerly the Coaches Training Institute (CTI)); founded by Karen and Henry Kimsey – House. The CTI system offers a strong base layer and internationally-recognised certifications for our consultants. We do though tailor and blend our deliveries depending on: 

Coaching Phase 1

Ground work is done. We explore the Communication Code and work at enhancing talents and digging out and getting to work at challenges. Tools from the world of Rhetoric, Storytelling, Social Psychology and the theatre. We observe films and establish feedback routines. 

This work takes from 6- 10 sessions, normally over a period of three months. Each session lasts 1-2 hrs. 

Coaching Phase 2

We are present when something practical and real is coming up – a Capital Markets Day, an important Town Hall, an important press situation. We help prepare, deliver and evaluate the work that is done. This work goes by the hour – depending on the complexity of the challenge at hand. 


Designed for: Top Executives and their teams

Participants: 1 person