Over he last 20 years, we have built a high profile and enviable reputation with our clients and other key stakeholders.  We work with a prestigious group of clients mostly from the multinational, large national and public sectors, spanning a wide range of industries and operations. We thrive in the diversity, creativity and insight that this brings. The challenges too.

We help our clients face the challenges of an increasingly complex, fast-moving and ever-changing business universe, and are especially proud of our pedigree in the telecommunications, financial, energy and media sectors. Equally as proud to have welcomed the United Nations to our client list in 2019. 

Ergo;ego consists of a finely-picked team of experts and consultants. We bring distinctive skill, depth and breadth to our creative designs and deliveries . 

Our core values are to be brave, playful and personal, and take great care and pride in marrying them to the collaborative, carefully targeted work we share with our clients. We have a very open and consultative style when developing and delivering workshops, courses and programmes with you. 

We design and deliver world-class solutions, specifically tailored for your goals and needs.  We openly embrace and encourage lean and agile methodologies and Growth Mindsets. 

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