"Ergo; ego have become one of our trusted external partners for the design and delivery of workshops and courses for our portfolio. We see consistently very good feedback from the participants. One of the highlights of recent years is the ongoing "Presenting with Impact” Course, a very popular offer for the whole Equinor community. Hundreds of our colleagues have benefited from Ergo; ego’s trademark creativity, warmth and expertise in the delivery of these Courses. We’ve also worked closely with the Ergo;ego team to create a new online version of this successful classroom learning experience. Our collaboration goes from strength to strength.”

- Anna Synnøve Vestre, Leading Consultant L&D, Equinor University, Commercial Portfolio

Since 2017 until today Ergo:ego has facilitated a highly active and interactive one-day tailored called; Presenting with Impact, a course for groups of up to 12 Equinor Executives and we are currently collaborating with Equinor on a virtual, online version of this popular Course.

We explore skills, tips and techniques for high-performance presenting. The Course focuses on active exercises and rehearsal, supported by some core presenting theory. All carefully facilitated with regular tips and coaching from the Ergo; ego Course Instructors.


  • Pre-work : (1) two complementary TED Talks and (2) basic preparation of a short presentation

  • Carefully facilitated self-assessment and self-appraisal, measured against certain KPIs

  • Practice introducing yourself / others

  • Some potent communication, presentation and influencing theory

  • Discovery of the “Essences of Powerful Pitching”

  • An exploration of creating and managing the moods / feelings / emotions within a presentation

  • Introduction of one possible structured template to help plan and prepare a short pitch

  • Carefully facilitated preparation, rehearsal and practice sessions (including Instructor and peer feedback)


  • Raise self-awareness and encourage self-appraisal and rolling self-evaluation, including peer support and feedback

  • Build confidence, competence and creativity as a high-performance presenter / pitcher / influencer

  • Develop skills and techniques for preparing and rehearsing a presentation

  • Develop skills and techniques for assured, high-impact delivery of a presentation

  • Develop and encourage peer-to-peer support, feedback and coaching

  • Develop and encourage use of different presenting moods and styles

  • Develop high-performance verbal and non-verbal presentation skills

  • Gain commitment to proper preparation and rehearsal for future presentations  

This Course is in high demand all across Equinor in Europe. We are excited to be piloting and extending a virtual, online version of the Course, not just for the challenging Covid-19 times, but also beyond. 


Creating and Structuring a Presentation

Core Messaging

Making the Complex Simple

Introducing Self and Others

Presence and Impact

Behavioural Status

Managing Moods and Atmospheres

Effective Preparation and Rehearsal

Performance and Stagecraft

Giving and Receiving Feedback

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