Ergo;ego is an international consultancy of management, leadership and communication experts. We are Oslo-based and work extensively in the Nordics, Europe, Asia, US and beyond.

Over the last 20 years, we have built a high profile and enviable reputation with our key stakeholders.  We work with a diverse group of clients mostly from the multinational, large national and public sectors, spanning a wide range of industries and operations. We thrive in the diversity, creativity and insight that this bring.

We help our clients face the challenges of an increasingly complex, fast-moving and ever-changing business universe. We’re especially proud of our pedigree in the telecommunications, financial, energy and media sectors. Equally as proud to have welcomed the United Nations to our client list in 2019.

Ergo;ego consists of a fine-tuned team of experts and consultants. We bring distinctive skills, depth and breadth to our creative designs and deliveries. Our combined expertise draws from the performing arts, social and behavioural sciences, media and broadcast journalism and commercial law. We have deep roots in the performing arts especially. The skills, techniques and protocols from those worlds are very often used to illuminate our coaching and courses. They are tried, trusted and proven. They can work for you too.

Our core values are to be brave, playful and personal, and take great care and pride in marrying them to the collaborative, carefully targeted work we share with our clients. We have a very open and consultative style when developing and delivering workshops, courses and programmes with you. 

We design and deliver world-class solutions, specifically tailored for your goals and needs.  We openly embrace and encourage lean and agile methodologies and Growth Mindsets.


We offer a dynamic range of expertise for our clients, including:

  • Leadership and Team Skills
  • Communication, Negotiation and Influencing
  • Storytelling and Stagecraft, Storyboarding
  • Presentation and Pitching Skills
  • Leadership Team and Management Team Development
  • Agile Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Messaging
  • Cultural Insight and Intelligence
  • Gender Dynamics
  • Facilitation and Project Management
  • Executive Coaching (1:1 and senior management teams)
  • Effective Feedback Process
  • Personal Presence and Impact
  • Brain and Behavioural Science
  • Handling Challenging Conversations
  • Media Training
  • Forum Theatre (exclusive, tailor-made)
  • Conferences and Events
  • Keynote Speaking and Facilitation
  • Blended Solutions, Multimedia Programmes
  • Distance Learning, Remote Coaching
  • Webinars and other Online Interactions


We do
Tailor-Made sessions!

Contact us today to create a fully personalized syllabus based on your specific business objectives.



In the heart of Ergo;ego lies a passionate belief in experienced-based training and over the years we have developed this into something close to an art form. 


We are topical, relevant, on point. We are personal, brave and creative. We are open and honest. Our deliveries come with thee best mix of warmth and competence. With us, your learning environment is safe, supportive and motivational. We build strong trust and rapport with you, your participants and with fellow course stakeholders. 


Always mindful of your needs and preferences, we aspire to become true partners with you, in all stages of your project cycles. We always look to grow collaborative, long-term relationships.


Our learning methods and processes are highly experiential. Wherever possible, we favour “learning by doing”, all the while acknowledging that there is a place for well-presented theories, science and models. 

On a delivery-by-delivery basis, we offer a carefully considered blend of classical theory and models with contemporary techniques and learning aids. These are complemented by skilfully facilitated demonstrations, masterclasses, workshops and exercises.



The potential for efficient and experiential learning that lies in creating blended  journeys and solutions, is huge. Multi-platform designs and deliveries take any learning experience to the next level. In Ergo;ego we have been exploring these exciting possibilities for years, last year alone over 200 leaders in 10 countries across Europe took part in our online deliveries, to excellent reviews. 

Covid-19 of course accelerates this exploration – and from march 2020 a series of our clients are reaching out to us to create programs that work also within the confinement of social isolation. These new designs most often are created in close collaboration with specific clients and the impacts and outcomes are proving to be very  positive – see our COVID-19 specific training offer here

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Ergo;ego is the way to go. Take a look at our vision, learn about our culture, and discover what our goals are.


We work closely with your key stakeholders to define the goals and deliverables of our projects. A client’s existing goals may need to be translated into specific behaviours, values and attitudes. This is followed by examples of how it could and should look in real life if our interactions and interventions are to become a success.


From there – depending on your brief – we often start a structured research process, talking with and interviewing a wide range of stakeholders. This gives insights into the culture, belief systems and mechanisms of the teams.

The findings of this process are fed back to you, and together we find the trigger points that will constitute the cornerstones of our design for you.