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The Code has become a strong heartbeat, in our  designs and deliveries.. It helps bring structure, insight and capability through all stages of  leadership, management and communication situations. It sits superbly at the heart of a blended solution.

The Communication Code – six easy steps to master your impact and achieve your goals.

A minute to learn – a lifetime to master

After close to 20 years of delivering impact and communication skills to organizations worldwide, the Ergo;ego team in 2017 developed their own methodology for the teaching and implementation of communication expertise. This model can claim its roots in mostly 2,500 year-old communication knowledge – we’ve now given it a very modern twist and feel.


The Code’s architecture has proven to be a most useful and easy -to – absorb roadmap for anyone wishing to work independently at developing their skills, mindset and habits within the fields of influencing and communication. Time and time again with our clients, we find we can prepare or debrief communication in alignment with the Code. It improves the preparation period, enhances the performance, and deepens the debrief learnings. The Code has proven its worth on many levels – as a roadmap, a tool and a methodology.


The logic of the Code follows three phases of performance:






Whether it be telling a stunning story, or the conversation that can turn that difficult relationship on its head, or the presentation that will get you that million-dollar contract – the Communication Code helps your people optimise their delivery and impact.


Whatever it is you want to succeed at in life, whether it be as a leader or a team member, a parent or a friend, communication can make the whole difference. In this fast paced book, you find the keys to work independently on your own skill.

Published in Norwegian on Kagge Forlag.
Will be available in English during fall 2020.