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Body Language Expert Explains How to Show Confidence by Joe Navarro

Confidence can be seen in many forms, from posture, to eye contact, to gestures. It is something that can be learned and perfected, as demonstrated by great leaders such as Colin Powell and Jane Goodall. In addition to knowledge and experience, they have the ability to command a room when they enter. They also demonstrate an understanding of the temporal aspect of leadership, taking their time to answer questions and walk into a room. This is called socialization, as it is observed in leaders and admired.

An individual’s traits and behaviors can be changed to fit in with society. High-status individuals can be used as a model for achieving this. For example, Cary Grant, who rose from poverty to become a successful actor, adopted the behaviors of high-status individuals. To be perceived differently, one can practice simple changes in language and body language. An example of this is to use a deeper voice and wider gestures when saying ‘no’. This message can be taught to children as well.

Confidence is not something one is born with, but rather something which can be developed with the help of family and friends, as well as through individual achievements. Confidence can be seen in people of all ages and walks of life; the key is to be knowledgeable and skilled in the area of one’s choice. With a mastery of the material and of one’s self, confidence can be achieved.

No more spoilers. See the video by Joe Navarro (Body Language Expert) to learn about confidence.

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