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As actors and business coaches we experienced the communication hundres problems you face and we know how difficult it is to gain real, deep knowledge full of best-practices and real-life examples.

Learn from actors teaching businesses
Get tips, methods and inspiration

Get valuable, honest feedback

Go at your own pace

Learning designed to fit your needs

No more generic knowledge you could find by googling or asking chatgpt

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A syllabus made by the same team. You will see live the same people who are a communication team for many years

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Speaking to a crowd - small and big

This immersive course delves into the art and science of public speaking, tailored for both novice speakers and seasoned orators seeking to refine their craft. Participants will embark on a transformative journey that covers the entire spectrum of public speaking, from the preparatory stages to the execution and reflective practices post-delivery.


Designed for: Professionals, Leaders and Managers, Entrepreneurs, Educators and Trainers, Public Speakers

Duration: 3 live sessions + 10 modules of 20′ each

Running a project, a company, a country Female Leader

The Art of Conversation

Get trained by professionals with a proven track record on and off-stage

Become the communicator you’ve always aspired to be. Discover how to articulate your ideas clearly, embrace feedback, adapt to changes, and confidently address a crowd. Transform communication into the most powerful asset of your personality.

Get the mindset of delivering value

Learn the processes that nobody will teach

Learn to be innovative and proactive

Get material that will be used as checklists for years after the course

Unlock your potentiality

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