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This episode features a discussion between Ergo;Ergo’s Hanne Lindbaek, Berit Boman, and Saul Cambridge on the topic of Communication Intelligence. The episode explores what Communication Intelligence is, and what elements are most important when it comes to being a great communicator and delivering a memorable message.

Throughout the discussion, Lindbaek, Boman, and Cambridge share their insights into the importance of empathy, authenticity, and clarity in effective communication. They discuss how communication can be used to build trust, inspire action, and drive positive change, and share examples of individuals and organizations that have excelled in these areas.

The discussion also delves into the role of technology in communication, including the opportunities and challenges presented by social media and other digital platforms. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding how to use these tools effectively to reach and engage with audiences, while also being mindful of the potential pitfalls and risks.

Overall, this episode offers a lively and informative discussion of the key elements of effective communication, and the importance of developing Communication Intelligence in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world. Through the speakers’ personal experiences and insights, listeners can gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a great communicator and deliver a memorable message that resonates with audiences.

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